Delia Lopez

Delia Lopez

Independent Living Specialist

Independent Living Specialist - Victorville

Delia Lopez has been an advocate for the last 22 yrs. She started her advocacy journey shortly after her first child was born. This is when the fight began trying to find out what was the condition of her loved one. Also what this would mean for her and her family.

After all the challenges with numerous doctors appointments, studies, and hospitalizations, SSI, IHSS, School District and Regional Center. Delia with limited English, began to understand the need to know her rights and responsibilities and how to navigate the systems.

Being diagnosed, herself with a major depressive disorder, she began to get involved in her community to help others with IEPs and service appointments.

Delia worked for Team of Advocates for Special Kids (TASK) and became the manager of Riverside, San Diego and Imperial counties. There she assisted parents with children who had special needs to understand their rights and responsibilities of special education services and how to navigate the systems. Providing parents with training, facilitating  workshops, and collaborating with other organization to put on conferences around TASK. service areas. Delia worked for Molina Healthcare of California in the

Disability Senior Access Services for two years. She also worked at Fiesta Educativa as a consultant and Regional Manager Coordinating the 2018 San Bernardino Parent Conference. Delia, brings valuable experience to Rolling Start, Inc. (RSI) She has completed training in Advocacy in Special Education, ADA, Section 504, Transition to Adult Services, Charter School on Special Education, Regional Center, Medi-Cal, SSI, IHSS, State Fair Hearing Process, CCS, Health Care Plans, Dispute Resolutions & Mediations, Due Process & Mediations, Assistive Technology, Community Awareness, and ABA.

Currently holding the full-time position as an Independent Living Specialist with RSI. which allows for her to continue her passion of assisting and educating the community.