DinaMarie Ahee

DinaMarie Ahee - Accountant

DinaMarie Ahee


Accountant - San Bernardino

Coming from a background of construction business accounting I am excited to be involved with a non-profit organization that assists in the lives of our community. My husband and I have raised six children while being business owners together and separately. Our children now between the ages of 21 and 17 is a family of eight transitioning into a more independent time for each of us in our lives. Through the busy schedules of careers, college and high school we enjoy an active outdoor lifestyle. As a family, we camp, snowboard, surf, go biking, play games and spend time with our beloved Bluenose dog “Noah”. On my free time, I value catching up with extended family, friends, reading a good book, gardening, and dream about purchasing a boat. Raising our six children has taught me that everybody’s experience in life is individual no matter how similar our circumstances are.

My dedication to a healthy-minded family has shown me that we each have our own reality to life and it’s our approach that determines success. I believe these core values are similar to those at Rolling Start and is what makes it such a great place to work. As the Finance Manager, I thoroughly enjoy working with the staff in creating and managing department budgets while bridging operating funds through grants and fundraising. Having the responsibility of sharing the financial abilities with our board of directors and the personnel to assist the community with quality independent living is an empowering feeling towards us all living our best life. Each day I get to work in a genuinely loving environment where hardworking, dedicated people offer education, resources, and training to the community. The advocacy this organization provides has been a vehicle for me to further pursue a greatly anticipated chapter in my life. I did not anticipate this would be accomplished through so much laughter and building friendships. I am forever grateful that Rolling Start has played a part in my living passion and purpose in my life.