Office Opening to the Public Soon!

Plans set to reopen our offices in June!

Since the Covid lockdown in March 2020, our offices have been closed to the public. Finally, our hopes are to return to indoor meetings in our offices next month in June! However, thanks to covid lockdowns stimulating our growth of online progress, we are happy to announce that we will continue with a hybrid approach to our meetings, classes, and groups! So if you are unable to travel to our offices or are still uncomfortable being in enclosed public spaces post-pandemic, you are still free to participate through our hybrid meetings remotely from home.

If you’d like to discuss the future of our hybrid classes/meetings/activities at Rolling Start and within the local community, we welcome you to join our Virtual Coed Support Group tomorrow (Thursday, May 5th), ONLINE, at 1pm. Meet our new staff member, Cynthia Robles, and discuss what sort of meet ups you would like to attend when we open our offices next month. 

[ID: A graphic with the text, "Rolling Start Inc. Virtual Coed Support Group. Introduction to staff and discussing ideas for our meetings (in office) coming in June 2022. May 5th, 1pm - 2:30pm"]