Emergency Preparedness

Teaming up with the Disability Disaster Access and Resource Program (DDAR), Rolling Start assists consumers with Emergency Preparedness planning.

What is Emergency Preparedness?
Emergency preparedness is taking steps to prepare to keep yourself and your family safe during and after an emergency or natural disaster.

Emergency Preparedness Class

  1. Making sure that Families have an Emergency Preparedness Plan that is valuable in any type of disaster or emergency.
  2. Explore Resources like a Back-up Battery to keep Consumer’s Assistive Technology running through the event.
  3. Food and water storage.
  4. Transportation support.
  5. Filling in the gap between when the disaster happens and when help can get to you.
  6. Those who attend one of our Family Disaster Training Classes receive a Starter Disaster kit with Food Water and Extra Supplies for one person for three days; Including a solar phone charger or lantern and knowledge on how to add and expand the kit.


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