Covid-19 Update


To our Consumers, Contractors and Community Partners,

The team is back in the office!  We will continue to meet virtually if you prefer, but if you’d like to be in person, just let your ILS know!  Group Classes are still virtual until the end of June.  We’ll do our first hybrid cooking class on 29th in our San Bernardino office.   We are taking temperatures and ask that you wear a mask as an abundance of caution.   Let us know if you’re coming in to use the computer lab in advance.  We look forward to seeing you!

Remember… if you need help scheduling your vaccine or booster, EPG equipment like masks and hand sanitizer, or if you need us to mail you a couple of Antigen tests,  give us a call!

San Bernardino: (909) 890-9516; 

Victorville (760) 949-7626.  

For more information on covid-19 go to

The CDC has released an online tool kit which contains guidance tools to help people with disabilities and those who serve or care for them make decisions, protect their health, and communicate with their communities. Plus, a link to a PDF with information for the Disability Information and Access Line (DIAL)

An image of a nurse's hand holding a vial of the covid vaccine. Text says, Get vaccinated! Help stop the spread of Covid-19 and get vaccinated. We can help you find a location and register you. Vaccines are 100% free. No insurance - Ok! Undocumented - Ok! Call us to learn more: San Bernardino (909)890-9516. Victorville (760)949-7626. Followed by the Rolling Start Inc logo