Youth Virtual Art Festival

[ID: A graphic with film strips and music notes in the background. Text overlay, "Youth Virtual Art Festival. Music - Digital Art - Film. Rules and details for entry are below.]

Want to show off your artwork?

Youth Virtual Art Festival

Music – Digital Art – Film

October 29, 2022
10AM – 3PM
Ages 16 – 26

A platform for disabled youth to show off their work and receive valuable
knowledge from mentors with success in the industry already. 

SUBMISSION GUIDELINES: All submissions are to be digitally submitted Submissions are 3 MINUTE MAXIMUM. Submissions that are accepted will have a 10 Minute time limit to talk about/promote their art and reflect on it with the mentors/participants.
All Accepted Submissions will be available to view on with permission of the artist.

-Music: Examples;
poetry, spoken word, melodic-rhythmic poetry, music, singing, rapping
For this category all musical artists are welcome to share their talent.
NO explicit lyrics, videos, or gestures.

-Film: Examples; Short films, Movies, Trailers, Documentaries
NO explicit dialog, writings, movie scenes, or trailers.

-Digital Art: Examples; digital anime, NFTs, paintings, sculptures, drawings
NO explicit art, nudity, or animation.

Keep all content family-oriented




submission deadline: 10/21/22

To submit your entries fill out the following application:

Youth Virtual Art Festival Application Form

and submit it along with your art to this link:


To submit an entry, please follow these steps:
1. Download the following application form to your desktop or cell phone
2. Fill out downloaded form
3. Submit form to drop box ( link above) with your ART submission alongside with it.