1. Information and Referral

Knowing how and where to get information can make all the difference. Through Rolling Start’s Community partnerships, including 211, 211 community connect & IEHP, consumers haccess to “Up to the Minute” resources with ConnectIE.

2. Independent Living Skills

Developing or improving the skills needed to live independently at home or in the community is the focus of these services and programs.
  • Application Assistance
    • Housing
    • SSI/Social Security
    • MediCal
  • Money Management
  • Living Well With A Disability
  • Personal Care Attendant Management
  • Transportation Training
  • Utility Assistance
  • Computer Skills

3. Systems & Individual Advocacy

One of the core beliefs of the Independent Living Philosophy is that disability is part of human diversity. Access and inclusion in Society Needs to Change to ensure these rights.
  • Contact our Systems Change Advocate if there is an access issue you need guidance or to resolve.
  • Join our Systems Change Advocacy Groups in San Bernardino or Victorville to participate in local and statewide events focused on advancing the rights of people with disabilities

4. Peer Support/Social Gathering

  • Coed Support Group
  • Youth Support Group
  • Spanish Support Group
  • LGBTQ Support Group
  • Game Day
  • Movie Day
Due to Covid-19, all social gatherings are held online via Zoom links. See our Calendar to participate in our virtual events.

5. Transition Services

  1. Rolling Start will work with you and your support network to Transition from Nursing facility to the community.
  2. Rolling Start will also help youth transition from High School to college or work, as well as from your parents’ home to the Independent Living.

6. Assistive Technology

AT is any device, hardware, or software used to enable or empower people with disabilities to complete daily activities that might otherwise be difficult or impossible to do.
  • Rolling Start, Inc. provides several resources to meet the technological needs of the disability community.
  • Community development block grant AT funding for Hesperia and Apple Valley Residents
  • Reuse Program
  • Assistive Technology Consumer Training
  • Workshops and Groups Presentations