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Happy Earth Day!


“Meeting the needs of today without depleting the resources of tomorrow.”

April 22nd is Earth Day! It is a time to unify everyone to celebrate our planet and to demonstrate support for environmental protection. This year’s theme is to “Invest in our planet,” to help combat climate change as global warming and its effects continue to harm the environment.

This year is also the launch of the first Accessible Earth Campaign through the collaborative efforts of Ability Tools, the Disability Organizing (DO) Network, and the California Foundation for Independent Living Centers (CFILC) to make environmental conservation efforts accessible for all, including those with disabilities.

Click this link to learn more about #AccessibleEarth

The Disability community has only recently been more visible in the discussion of sustainability. The California Assistive Technology Reuse Coalition (CATRC) is helping to meet the needs of Californians with disabilities by providing previously-owned equipment at little or no cost. In doing so, CATRC is also helping to reduce harm to the environment by:

  • Preventing additional waste in landfills;
  • And reducing the need for additional manufacturing, which contributes to a carbon footprint.


We here at Rolling Start Inc. also have reusable AT like canes, walkers, wheelchairs, etc. completely FREE! Give us a call to learn how to get these items from our AT department.
San Bernardino: (909)890-9516
Victorville: (760)949-7626

Office Under Construction

Renovation Time!

Rolling Start Inc. office is under construction. Because of this, next week’s cooking class on 4/18 is cancelled. Stay tuned because our offices will be reopening to the public very soon! We are renovating our offices so they will be ready to welcome our consumers back into the office. We will keep you updated when renovations are complete and covid restrictions are lifted. Thank you for your patience!

[ID: an image of an office that is being renovated. Text reads, “Rolling Start Inc. Office Under Construction. Stay tuned, our offices will be reopening to the public very soon!”]

Governor Newsom Announces Appointments

Governor Gavin Newsom today announced the following appointments:

Susan Masten, Rajan Gill, Helen Lee, Cirian Villavicencio, David Yee, Dwight H. Bateman, M. Lisa Hayes, Sara Abdrabou, Elizabeth Lewis, Nicole Adler, Julie Neward, Alejandro “Alex” Reyes, Wesley Witherspoon, and Eric Ybarra.

“M. Lisa Hayes, 60, of Bellflower, has been appointed Chair of the State Independent Living Council, and has also been appointed to serve on the State Rehabilitation Council. Hayes has been Executive Director at Rolling Start Inc. since 2019. She held several positions at Molina Healthcare between 2007 and 2017, including Associate Vice President of MLTSS, Director of Disability and Senior Access Services, Manager of Senior and Disability Programs and Manager of Provider Contract Review. Hayes was Project Manager at United Health Care from 2000 to 2007. She was contract Manager at PacifiCare Health Systems from 2000 to 2006. These positions do not require Senate confirmation and there is no compensation. Hayes is a Democrat.” – 

We are very pleased to congratulate our very own, Lisa Hayes, for achieving this appointment to the Chair of the State Independent Living Council(SILC). Go to the link here to learn more about the 14 appointments that California Governor Gavin Newsom recently made. To learn more about the council members for the SILC click here and go to the SILC Homepage here.

Rolling Start Inc. Executive Director – Lisa Hayes

Vaccine Video

Vaccines work!
Keep yourself and your loved ones safe. Schedule an appointment today at
if you need any additional assistance, we can help you make your appointment and more!
Call us at one of our offices:
San Bernardino (909)890-9516
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Living Well in the Community

LWC courses are back!
Rolling Start Inc. presents:
Living Well in the Community! LWC is a six week workshop for people with any disability who want to set goals to support their overall quality of life and wellbeing. These courses are designed to help you shape your own independent lifestyle of choice by providing you with the knowledge to help set the path and teaching you the skills you’ll need to achieve it. Register today at for this 6 part online series
4/12, 4/19, 4/26, 5/2, 5/10, & 5/17
Free lunch will be provided to you for participating. We will arrange a delivery to you at home.
[ID: a graphic with pictures of RSI staff and consumers together after several consumers have received their certificates for completing the LWC course with text that says, “Rolling Start Inc. presents: Living Well in the Community (LWC) is a six (6) week workshop for people with any disability who want to set goals to support their overall quality of life and wellbeing. Learn about: Setting goals, Problem Solving, Effective communication, Self-Advocacy, Self-Determination, Leadership, Disability Awareness, Decision Making, Self-Disclosure, & more! Tuesdays 4/12, 4/19, 4/26, 5/2, 5/10, & 5/17 9:30am-12:30pm Register today for this 6 part online series at Free lunch will be provided to you for participating via delivery!

AT Awareness Day

[ID: A graphic that says AT Awareness day with Assistive technology device icons for audiobooks, wheelchairs, walking sticks, magnifying glasses, walkers, and hearing aids. Text says, “AT Awareness Day. On April 6, the U.S. Senate will pass a resolution to shed important light and celebrate National Assistive Technology (AT) Awareness Day. #ATAwarenessDay The day honors people with disabilities who require AT to access their education, workplace, community and recreational activities. The day also recognizes the innovation of researchers and the complete dedication of AT specialists and program providers who operate AT programs across the US and Territories so that millions of individuals can acquire low-cost and often no-cost AT.

Assistive Technology Awareness

Join us in celebrating #ATAwarenessDay by using the hashtag on social media. If you’d like to learn more, the Association of Assistive Technology Act Programs (ATAP) has created this video to help spread awareness about AT. Additionally, our AT Department is happy to help you get the assistive technology that you may need. Give us a call, we’re here to help!