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Abilities Expo Video

The Abilities Expo 2022

Earlier this month, the staff members of Rolling Start Inc. all went to the Abilities Expo at the Los Angeles Convention Center. We saw all kinds of amazing vendors and exhibits. Here is a video of some of the great booths that we interacted with. Be sure to look them up if you saw anything that interested you and look out for the expo next year so you don’t miss out!

Air Travel by Wheelchair Users

DOT to Host Public Meeting on Air Travel by Wheelchair Users

The U.S. Department of Transportation is hosting a virtual public meeting regarding air travel by persons who use wheelchairs on March 24, 2022. During this meeting, there will be an opportunity to listen and learn from persons who use wheelchairs on the difficulties that they encounter during air travel and for airlines to discuss both the challenges that they face in providing accessible air transportation and the actions that they are taking or plan to take to improve the air travel environment. The meeting will better enable the Department to move expeditiously on any necessary action to advance safe accommodations for air travelers with disabilities using wheelchairs. 

This meeting will be held via Zoom Video Webinar, and is scheduled for March 24, 2022 from 10:15 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Eastern. The meeting is open to the public subject to any technical and / or capacity limitations. CART and ASL interpretation will be provided; requests for additional disability-related accommodations must be sent to [email protected] by March 21, 2022.

[ID: An airplane being boarded by passengers via stairway]

Actions to take before and during the DOT Meeting:

  • If you would like to make oral comments or submit written materials to be reviewed during the meeting, you must request do to so by March 21, 2022. Email your request to [email protected]. Make sure to identify which of the four topics you wish to address, or if you plan to address something not mentioned in the notice. (Questions or comments by people who did not make an advance request for oral comments will only be permitted if time allows.)
  • Invite your Members of Congress to participate in the meeting so they can listen to the perspective of wheelchair-users first-hand.
  • Highlight this meeting on social media and encourage your family and friends to do the same. Be sure to use #Flightmares and #JustPlaneWrong.
  • If you get the opportunity to speak, write down 2-3 points you want to make. Keep them brief as you will have a short time to get your point across.
  • Speak from your own experiences or what you know.
    • Introduce yourself (example: “Hello I am Jane, a disabled veteran and wheelchair user….”).
    • State exactly what action you want to see (ex. “I want to have safe and timely assistance in getting on and off an airplane”).

Actions to take after the DOT Meeting:

  1. Send your air travel story to your Members of Congress and ask if they will support the Air Carrier Access Amendments Act (H.R. 1696 / S. 642), which would improve air travel for people with disabilities by requiring airlines to provide accessible lavatories, ensuring new airplanes are built using new accessibility standards, and increasing enforcement options.
  2. Submit your air travel stories to and encourage others to do the same. Also, share them on social media with #Flightmares and tag the Department of Transportation. Be sure to include photos, videos, and graphics about your experience if you have them.
  3. Sign and share PVA’s online petition to pass the Air Carrier Access Amendments Act.

Important social media handles:

Department of Transportation

  • Facebook: @U.S. Department of Transportation / @USDOT
  • Twitter: @USDOT

Secretary Pete Buttigieg

  • Facebook: @Secretary Pete Buttigieg / @SecretaryPete
  • Twitter: @SecretaryPete

Airlines for America

  • Facebook: @Airlines for America / @AirlinesForAmerica
  • Twitter: @AirlinesDotOrg

International Air Transport Association

  • Facebook: @International Air Transport Association /
  • Twitter: @IATA

Important hashtags:

  • #JustPlaneWrong
  • #PushingAccessForward
  • #Flightmares

World Down Syndrome Day

Today is World Down Syndrome Day

World Down Syndrome Day (WDSD), 21 March, is a global awareness day which has been officially observed by the United Nations since 2012.

The date for WDSD being the 21st day of the 3rd month, was selected to signify the uniqueness of the triplication (trisomy) of the 21st chromosome which causes Down syndrome. 

Down syndrome (or Trisomy 21) is a naturally occurring chromosomal arrangement that has always been a part of the human condition, being universally present across racial, gender or socioeconomic lines in approximately 1 in 800 live births, although there is considerable variation worldwide. Down syndrome usually causes varying degrees of intellectual and physical disability and associated medical issues.

Go to the World Down Syndrome Day website to learn more about advocating for the rights of people with Down syndrome and more! 

The best way to promote awareness of Down syndrome is for people with Down syndrome to share their own stories in their own words with the hashtag below.


CDC Disabilities Resource Toolkit

Online toolkit

The CDC has released an online tool kit which contains guidance tools to help people with disabilities and those who serve or care for them make decisions, protect their health, and communicate with their communities. It contains PDFs with information about vaccinations, guidance, planning, and other Covid related web resources. There is also a link to a PDF with information on how to access and use the Disability Information and Access Line (DIAL).  

Daylight Savings Time

Don’t forget!

Make sure to set your clocks this coming weekend. Sunday, March 13th is Daylight Savings Time! “Spring Forward” one hour at 2am.


Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month

Worlds Imagined

Every March, the National Association of Councils on Developmental Disabilities (NACDD) and its partners collaborate to observe Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month (DDAM). The social media campaign highlights the many ways in which people with and without disabilities come together to form strong, diverse communities. The campaign seeks to raise awareness about the inclusion of people with developmental disabilities in all aspects of community life, as well as awareness of the barriers that people with disabilities still sometimes face in connecting to the communities in which they live.

The 2022 theme, Worlds Imagined, focuses on how the world is changing as we move through and beyond the pandemic. With this theme, NACDD plans to highlight intersectionality and disability, as well as how people with intellectual disabilities and developmental disabilities (ID/DD) are living longer and more productive lives than ever before. The 2022 DDAM theme encourages exploration of new and ever-changing opportunities.

Source: Administration for Community Living, Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month 2022 (March 1, 2022)

Recommended Hashtags

#DDawareness2022 (NACDD full tag)
#DDAM2022 (NACDD short-form tag)
#WorldsImagined (NACDD theme-specific tag)
#DevelopmentalDisabilities (tag to reach a wider audience)

[ID: an artwork by Calvin “Sonny” Clarke with the text “Develeopmental Disabilities Awareness Month 2022, Worlds Imagined. Join the conversation #DDAM2022 #DDawareness2022 #WorldsImagined]

[ID: A photograph of Calvin “Sonny” Clarke]

[ID: A photograph of an artwork called Music In The Night by Calvin “Sonny” Clarke]

This year’s social media campaign features the artwork of Calvin “Sonny” Clarke from the studio, Art Enables, in Washington, DC.